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Oscar Holub, freelance artist, works as drawer, painter and lyricist in Steyr, Upper Austria. In 2003 he published his first catalogue and in 2005 his first picture book. In the last few years he has been annually publishing a diary including pictures of his paintings. The single web page designed by chiliSCHARF presents his masterpieces and puts them in the spotlight. Clarity is the main focus.  


Highlights underline the webdesign. Positive emotions are released by using bright yellow letters on a basically dark website. The webdesign trend of using a straight-line but eye-catching font is perfectly integrated in the website. Meaningful navigation leads the user to the prefered content. Significance is in the eye of the beholder - intuitive menu navigation makes it possible to display or hide content of the website. 

Oscar Holub

Single Page Webdesign

One page design, single-page design or pageless design breaks up existing print structures used on the Web. Homepage visitors are perfectly guided by this design approach and getting lost is simply impossible. The design of Oscar Holub's website is simple, straight-line and tells the stories of his paintings. The main principle of attention "less is more" becomes an interesting dimension here.

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Oscar Holub Website
Oscar Holub Website
Oscar Holub Website
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