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Mock up screen website Wlisabethinen

Traditional, but up-to-date

The most traditional religious hospital in Upper Austria is known for its combination of high-tech medicine with clinical research and the warm care of a true religious hospital. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and best care possible place people in the focus.

By means of the design of the website, we also place people in the focus. A web design that ensures that everybody can use and read the website.

The Art of Design

Accessible and usable for anybody - We show what the public hospital stands for.

Increased accessibility. Barrier-free web design is the art of designing websites in such a way that people with impediments can also use and read them. Optimal usability and well-contemplated accessibility were the focus of the implementation.

Mock up Elisabethinen Website

Trustful and professional

Thanks to the combination of functionality, actuality and sterile web design, we achieved representing the religious hospital in a faithful manner.


Elisabethinen website
Elisabethinen website
Elisabethinen website
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