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The colourfully appealing and clearly designed website ensures a detailed and attractive presentation of the popular eyepin e-Mail marketing products.


Professionally performed e-marketing

e-Mail marketing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools on the Internet. The web-based e-Mail marketing software eyepin makes it possible to create professional e-Mail campaigns and send them to customers. Speed, efficiency, a high degree of user comfort, innovation, sustainability and flexibility are the secrets to the success of eyepin and the satisfaction of numerous customers. Thanks to confidence-building measures, like customer opinions or references, but also thanks to free test accounts, new users are continuously being acquired.


Suitable for Adword campaigns! It was important to chiliSCHARF and the agency Brace to design the product start pages as functional landing pages in an appealing and clear way, allowing the most important information to be made accessible both quickly and easily.

On the start pages optimised for conversion, users find the most important information at a glance: short details about the product, references, press reviews, customer feedback and all the features of the product can be clicked through and there is also a free trial option. Detailed information about the product and individual features is available on the sub-pages.


The eyepin Online Survey tool makes precise reports and analyses possible. The detailed real-time statistics about every individual e-Mail campaign and user behaviour provide information about the success of a newsletter. Opening and click rates, recipient activities, user statistics and targeting, as well as delivery and bounce rates, can be calculated with ease, meaning that success can be measured!

Eyepin Triple Speed
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