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Mail delivery the eyepin server with fixed monthly basic fee.

Eyepin - "upgrade to eyepin marketing suite" uses the eyepin server system to run the application and to deliver eMails. Not software installation is necessary!    

Eyepin - "upgrade to eyepin marketing suite" adapts dynamically to your needs. Charging of fees is done according to service depending on newsletters volume.  

By using eyepin - "upgrade to eyepin marketing suite" an individual layout template according your CI can be integrated. 

eyepin VX performance features

  • own address data base      
  • product and image data base    
  • integrated content management system      
  • layout templates        
  • detailed surveys per mail campaign        
  • own forms generator      
  • easy handling

eyepin - "upgrade to eyepin marketing suite" is the perfect solution for

  • periodical eMail newsletter delivery    
  • small and medium volumes sent        
  • agencies      
  • small and medium-sized businesses    
  • large enterprises    
  • clubs and associations

Fees eyepin - "upgrade to eyepin marketing suite"

productnewsletter volume
per month
setup feesmonthly fees
eyepin Pro 5500€ 220*)€ 9,90
eyepin Pro 101.000€ 220*)€ 18,90
eyepin Pro 353.500€ 220*)€ 59,90
eyepin Pro 757.500€ 220*)€ 119,90
eyepin Pro 15015.000€ 220*)€ 199,90
eyepin Pro 300 30.000€ 220*)€ 299,90
eyepin Pro 50050.000€ 220*)€ 399,90
eyepin Pro 75075.000€ 220*)€ 499,90

*) is only charged for initial setup.

If the monthly mail volume is exceeded: €2,0/100 mails.    

Higher volumes on request. Not fully used up e-Mail volumes cannot be used in the next month. If you exceed the included email contingent, eyepin will inform you of this when sending it and offers the options either to upgrade to the next step or to charge a onetime fee for the excess, so you can choose the option which is more advantageous for you. No more setup fees are charged for upgrading to a higher service level. 

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